I have been giving private singing lessons in the Philadelphia area since the late 1980’s.  I love to teach.  I love to teach because I get to spend time every day with people who want to express themselves musically.  I love to teach because it’s exciting to introduce my students to music they might not listen to otherwise.  I love to teach because I can watch a child or an adult be transformed from someone who is afraid to be heard, to someone who finds his or her own voice.  I love to teach because of all I get from the relationships I develop with my students.

Not everyone is born with a good ear or the potential for a great voice, but I believe that everyone can improve, and there is value in the pursuit.

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I teach at my home and also at 
DeLuca Music in Hatboro, PA     215-674-1401 

What's New

We  just  booked a performance at 
the Centre for the Arts  
in Bristol, PA 
- a public performance - Yay!
Most of what we do these days is not
open to the public,
so I'm excited about this!
Updates to follow!
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 Nice 'N' Easy



Royal Palms

Largo, FL

private event


Abbey Delray South

Delray Beach, FL

private event


St. Andrews Estates North

Boca Raton, FL

private event

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