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Katie Eagleson’s first musical memory is of sitting in the family station wagon, singing along with the car radio – and her mother – and Patti Page.  The song was “Let Me Go Lover,” but Katie was singing “Ging Ging Go Gover” because she was two years old.  Fast forward to the present and you can hear Katie’s own recordings on the radio; on WNYC in New York, WXPN and WRTI in Philadelphia,  and other broadcast stations.  She's also played frequently on internet radio's The Jonathan Station.


The youngest of seven children, Katie grew up harmonizing with her sisters, singing songs they learned from their mother.  Singing with her family, and listening to the great singers of American popular music, such as Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, and Barbra Streisand, provided the inspiration that determined Katie’s musical taste and career path. 


Katie considers herself a lyric interpreter.  With her excellent pitch and crystal clear diction, it is obvious that she has great respect and appreciation for the composer and lyricist.  Performing the music of songwriters such as the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim, or Marilyn and Alan Bergman, she delivers the lyrics, whether sad, romantic, or funny, with great sincerity.  “I’m drawn to songs, of any era, that have words I can sing with emotional honesty,” said Katie.  “When those words are combined with well-crafted music, I think the impact of each is intensified.  And that to me is magic.”  As one reviewer wrote, “The Great American Songbook is a treasure of American culture, and Katie Eagleson is one of those rare vocalists whose artistry both preserves and inspires it.”


Since the beginning of her professional career, Katie has been the featured vocalist in many ensembles, ranging from duos to Big Bands, singing “pop” music, in venues large and small, and for events both public and private, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Act II Playhouse, Chris’ Jazz Café, and the Sellersville Theater.


These days most of Katie’s performances are jazz cabaret shows with her husband and musical director, Lenny Pierro and his group.


Katie has released 5 CDs – all recorded at Grammy Award-winning MorningStar Studios and produced and arranged by Lenny Pierro.  They include:


“Once Upon A Time” (2007) – a collection of heartfelt vocal interpretations from the Great American Songbook and beyond. 


“On the Other Hand” (2009) – 16 songs by 16 different composers of the Great American Songbook, the golden age of American popular song. 


“Sous le Ciel de Paris” and “La Vie en Rose” (2011) – 2 French language songs that have become quite popular in Katie’s live performances.


“In My Fashion” (2013) - A crystal clear voice supported by perfectly suited arrangements. The Great American Songbook and beyond.


"That Christmas Feeling" (2017) - A collection of songs celebrating and honoring the Christmas season.


All CDs are available at Amazon Marketplace, iTunes and at live performances.


What's New

I hope everyone  reading this is doing OK.  This pandemic has such wide ranging effects on people, depending on the type of work you do.  Mostly Lenny and I are home.  All of our performances have been cancelled through June at least.  I miss them but I value the slowdown of life's pace.  I'm giving my singing lessons online and  that's going pretty smoothly.  So I'm happy with the day-to-day stuff.
The one big sadness is that my brother, Johnny passed away in the middle of May and we weren't able to be with him at the end.  I know there are a lot of similar stories due to this pandemic and my heart goes out  to all the people who have not been able to say their proper goodbyes. 
I'll see you  on the other side of this! 
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