Photo Gallery 1

Recording "Once Upon A Time"  at MorningStar Studios in Spring House, PA.  2006






Photo Gallery 2


Live Performances at Pastorius Park and Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, PA. 2008-2009


Photo Gallery 3


Recording "On the Other Hand" at MorningStar Studios in Spring House, PA. 2009


Photo Gallery 4


Recording "In My Fashion" at MorningStar's new location - East Norriton, PA. 2013
Photos by Linda Johnson


Photo Gallery 5


Recording "That Christmas Feeling" at MorningStar Studios in East Norriton, PA. 2017

What's New

I hope everyone  reading this is doing OK.  This pandemic has such wide ranging effects on people, depending on the type of work you do.  Mostly Lenny and I are home.  All of our performances have been cancelled through June at least.  I miss them but I value the slowdown of life's pace.  I'm giving my singing lessons online and  that's going pretty smoothly.  So I'm happy with the day-to-day stuff.
The one big sadness is that my brother, Johnny passed away in the middle of May and we weren't able to be with him at the end.  I know there are a lot of similar stories due to this pandemic and my heart goes out  to all the people who have not been able to say their proper goodbyes. 
I'll see you  on the other side of this! 
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