On the Other Hand

January 2, 2010

Katie Eagleson with a 10 piece band and 16 tunes demonstrates her absolute pitch and the ability to swing. The tunes are well thought out and the arrangements are apropos to the singing style of Eagleson. 

"I Concentrate On You" is a song that touches the heart with lyrics that are an example of the poetry of the American love song. Katie Eagleson pays homage to this superb work of Cole Porter in fine fashion. 

"Guys And Dolls" swings nicely and the vocal is as hip as can be, well Bobby Darin did this tune like no other, but Katie adds her talent to it and it's as cool as a South Beach cocktail. 

"I Thought About You" Eagleson sings the verse and gives the melody a lovely treatment. 

This is a fine album which has some solos that add much to the vocals. The songs are well chosen and done with class, paying respect to the composer’s intention. 
5 Stars