Once Upon A Time

July 26, 2007

Katie Eagleson articulates nicely and has given her all on the tunes 
contained in this album. Her tone is a bit thin but her presentation 
makes up for this minor flaw. 

"A Little Taste" is the showcase number with ultra hip lyrics by Dave 
Frishberg. Eagleson stretches out a bit and the ensemble swings behind 
her. Len Pierro's tenor solo is certainly apropos to the arrangement. 
This is a great addition to the recording. 

"My Foolish Heart" is always a treat to listen to, the melody is great 
and the words are a perfect example of the superb poetry of the American 
love song. Katie Eagleson's soulful and passionate delivery pays homage 
to this great composition with due deference. 

This album will please the aficionados of the great American songbook, 
4 Stars